I recently participated in a 30-day “cleanse” using dōTERRA’s Cleanse + Restore kit, and my results were astonishing. I take supplements on a daily basis, but I have never experienced such a profound shift in my mood, energy, vitality, and overall wellbeing. I did not adhere to any strict dietary rules at all. I simply drank a lot of water with lemon essential oil, made and drank a fresh veggie juice every day, tried to eat pretty healthy, and practiced kundalini yoga for 30 minutes every morning. I was feeling totally depleted and overwhelmed when I started the cleanse (that is why I decided to try it in the first place). I was using my very busy life as an excuse for not taking good care of myself nutritionally, and I was running on empty. Tanking, honestly. These supplements are not like any other I have ever tried. You know that your body is absorbing all the vital whole-food nutrients and essential oils because your urine stays clear. Your skin brightens. Your metabolism revs up. Your mood lifts. I truly feel restored! I can’t wait to hear how this kit works for you!

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