Raw Forest Aphrodisiac Elixir

Raw Forest Aphrodisiac Elixir


The formula behind Eros' Arrow and the selection of herbs that it contains is designed to increase libido and drive/desire by promoting healthy levels of testosterone and dopamine, to support vitality by tonifying Kidney Qi, and relax the mind, clear negativity, and enhance physical and mental sensations. Below you will see how each herb in the Eros' Arrow formula works to achieve the overall goal of—and the desired effects of—the formula.

Androgenic Hormones (including testosterone)

The male sex hormones are vital for healthy libido and response. Deer Velvet Antler (Lu Rong, Cervus nippon Temminck), Horney Goat Weed (Epimedium grandiflorum), and Bindi (Tribulus terrestris) are used to promote production of these hormones and are known as powerful aphrodisiacs. These herbs all promote Kidney Qi and are tonifying not just for the reproductive organs but for the full body. Continued use of these herbs supports healthy immunity. They are all Warm in nature.

Pine Pollen (Pinus massoniana) delivers nutrition, phyto-androgens, and adaptogenic compounds which support the body and provide an immediate increase in androgen levels, promoting healthy libido and sexual response.


Dopamine is the neurotransmitter of desire and libido. Many people are either deficient in dopamine or are desensitized to it. Dopamine is vital in healthy libido. Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) contains L-dopa, which increases dopamine and possibly testosterone, both necessary for libido and satisfying sex.

Relaxation and Increased Sensations

For many, sexual desire—while present—is difficult to manifest when it is most needed. We include Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) in our aphrodisiac formula, which clears thoughts (through its function on certain neurotransmitters) and allows the moment to roll throughout the body.

Kava Kava is a ceremonial herb from the Pacific Islands and has a relaxing, hypnotic effect on the body and mind. Kava Kava is also known to enhance the sexual sensations, including orgasm.

Clearing Heat and Dampness

Heat and dampness, from a Chinese medicine standpoint, can hinder libido. To support the body’s innate libido to flourish we include the herb Ze Xie (Rhizoma Alismatis) to balance the formula and to clear heat and dampness in the body, this potentiates the effect of the formula and prepares the body for the herbs to work optimally.

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